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Gotta Backup Plan?

New DC Power Architectures for OSP/CO/DCs by: Curtis Ashton and Michael Kulesky OSP Magazine Recent natural disasters, along with public and regulatory pressures, are forcing telecommunications providers to focus more closely on providing reliable, extended emergency backup power, especially for outside plant assets and inside central offices and data centers.

Hospital mechanical and electrical systems

Mechanical and electrical systems act as vital organs to a hospital, providing power, water, fresh air and other important elements that keep the hospital running efficiently and safely. Keeping those systems healthy is an essential part of being a health facilities manager.

Differences Between Cat6 and Cat6a Cables

Digging Further Into the Mystery BY: Shane Weaver In this article, we’ll be discussing the difference between Cat6 and Cat6a cables. It may sound like a single lowercase letter is all that sets the two apart, but that one little letter stands for augmented, and represents a world of difference.

Isolating Infrastructure Issues

Bob Wimmer What is a hybrid system? Today’s surveillance systems are starting to combine some of the best features and parameters of the analog video output world and the IP networking world. Many dealers and installers are now required to perform upgrades while incorporating existing system technologies.

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