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Telecom DC Power Plant Engineering and Installation Services

National Network Services provides engineering, procurement and installation services of DC Power and common system installation for telecommunication and data center customers nationwide.

National's staff has extensive experience and training on Belcore/Telecordia standards and multiple power platforms. We can provide engineering/design services, installation, documentation and maintenance services.

Our in-house design team has experience in building turn-key complex central office and data center construction. Past projects include structure build-outs involving unistrut/all-thread support systems, ladder racking, equipment bay installations and conduit/raceway systems, to DC power plant installations including power plants, battery systems, power cable feeds and grounding systems. If large scale data center or telecommunications/computing resources are planned, National can provide resources to ensure the infrastructure necessary to complete the facility is engineered and installed to specification.

National can provide design/build services or any subset required for the telecommunications/co-location space based on our experience in the industry. Facilities will be benchmarked against these criteria. Design/build elements that can be developed include:

  • Experience with multiple power platforms
    • Multiple types of centralized and distributive power plants.
    • Ferro and Switch mode rectification
    • Wet Cell, VRLA and Lithium Ion batteries
    • Secondary distribution
    • Inverter / Converter plants
    • Ring and Tone
  • Various Monitor and Control systems for power equipment

  • Common System Installation
    • Floor and Ceiling supported environments
  • Site Survey detailing out space and power requirements.
  • Detail Engineering Services
    • Auto Cad or COEFM drawings
    • Network one line diagrams
    • Ladder rack layouts
    • Fiber duct raceway layouts
    • Grounding bracket and cable layouts
    • CAT 6 UTP cable routing layouts
    • DS-1, DS-3 cable routing layouts
    • Single mode and multi-mode fiber optics layouts
    • DC power plant and battery backup sizing
    • DC power cable routing layouts
    • Cable Running list detailing origination and destination of network cables and DC power cables
    • Cage Layouts o Cabinet and Rack Layouts
    • Front equipment rack layouts
  • Certified Level IV Power Installers